Painting on Silk

Stretching the silk on a frame with specially designed pins and rubber bands, I draw the image lightly with soft pastel.  The wax is melted and the tjantings are filled with the hot fluid,  drawing over the lines on the silk.  Using the ancient art of Batik, of building layers of wax, which resists the next dye color, I then paint, moving from light to dark, witnessing the image come to life! 

scarves and floweres 134

scarves and floweres 130

Through deep waters

2 thoughts on “Painting on Silk

  1. colleen

    Love your free flowing, soft speech and creative way to discuss and paint something truly from the heart. I live in Becker Mn and was surprised to find another Minnesotan doing what I love. Do you give classes? Have web site? thanks

    1. marythereseart

      Thank you Colleen! I appreciate your thoughts:)~you understand how painting is my way to communicate love! Happy to hear from another artist soul! I do enjoy teaching and am currently making a list of those interested, happy to add you to my email list. Send to

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