Window Treatments




5 thoughts on “Window Treatments

  1. marythereseart

    When I was young, I learned to sew from my Mother who was an excellent seamstress! Working with fabric has always fascinated me, sewing bits and pieces together, a puzzle much like my collage work. I have been creating Batik wall and window hangings along with hand painted Roman Shades. I’ll share more with you soon! mt

  2. Hi Therese! I love your work! I taught myself to paint on silk from the internet. I hope you got to see my website. I am just setting up to begin a series of portraits. Where are you located? I would love to come to a workshop.

    1. marythereseart

      Hello Gabi 🙂 Cyprus! Wow! How wonderful that must be!? I’m in Minnesota getting through the cold of winter! Thank you so much for your appreciation of my art! The roman shades I created were cotton batiks that I sometimes would cut and piece back together or use the one design. They are backed with another piece of white cotton that I sew together with rows of stitching to insert the ribs across the width of the material. These are attached by rings and strings to draw up the curtain.

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